Values are the foundations on which civilised societies are built. Absolute values emanate from mankind's spiritual aspect. Values originate from the mind and intelligence of man. Ethical values are essentially spiritual and go beyond the physical and biological dimensions of human personality. Since time immemorial religion has been the foundation of civilisation along with moral values. Each historic civilisation has its specific religion, its worshipped ideal. Religions are also potential centres of political power -the belief that the dominant national religion is the only true religion may be used to oppress those who follow other beliefs. Current-day religious saints, fully aware of the complexities of modern life have attempted to re-emphasise fundamental religious values, so that people may lead a more harmonious and fulfilling life. An essential component of freedom is intellectual freedom. Advancement of knowledge comes by intellectual questioning, dissent and debate. A good society always gives encouragement to writers, poets, artists, philosophers, scientists, and thinkers.