It is widely accepted that India's dismal record on the economic and social front is largely due to poor functioning of public services. The present pathetic state of public services is largely due to the mindset of government functionaries, particularly higher civil services, who feel that they are the 'rulers' and the public their 'subjects' whom they can treat the way they please. The administrative structure, as it is presently constituted, is simply not designed to provide efficient, cost-effective and citizen-friendly services. The chapter focuses on the poor performance of public services such as, Lack of accountability, Promotion Policy, Confidential Reports, Disciplinary Proceedings, Budgetary system, and the babucracy and poor work culture. One of the major reasons of poor performance of public services is the lack of an effective machinery to punish public servants, who are indisciplined, neglect their duty, or have committed misdemeanour. The biggest problem in implementing administrative reforms is lack of political will.