The sharp focus should be on design, construct, maintain teams manage digital information in virtual environments. A strategic function within organisations, design management typically aspires to link design, innovation, technology and management in pursuit of specific goals. At project level, inputs and outputs are mapped and controlled by protocols like project BIM Execution Plans. ISO 12006-2 has been applied in the development of building classification protocols like the Swedish BSAB 96 standard, the UK Uniclass, North American Omniclass and Danish DBK-system. It was first published in 1987 and was updated by CPIC in 1998 to align it with the Unified Classification for the Construction Industry (Uniclass). Uniclass was the UK implementation of BS ISO 12006-2. In the UK, the Common Arrangement of Work Sections (CAWS) was developed by the Construction Project Information Committee (CPIC). CAWS evolved as a result of investigations suggesting that quality of project documentation could impact significantly on the quality of construction process in terms of time/cost/quality.