PHASE 1 l Watch Bubbles and respond (likes, dislikes, puzzles,

patterns) l Shared read stories with similar plot patterns l Explore and respond – likes, dislikes, puzzles, patterns l Collect writer’s hints for these stories l Use a map or storyboard to chart the plot of Bubbles l Use drama/role play to understand the key parts of the plot l Practise using typical story language to retell the Bubbles


that could be had (similar to Bubbles) l Use drama/role play to explore new adventures: Where would it

lead? What would happen? l Collect vocabulary along the way l Replace ‘bubbles’ on story map/board with new idea, or create

plan (if ready) l Replace other elements that will change l Develop story map/board or plan l Use word/language games to explore new vocabulary l Orally rehearse new ideas l Finalise plan

FINAL OUTCOME To write a story based on Bubbles

Phase 1 outcome To know the plot and narrative language in the Bubbles story and be able to retell it

Phase 2 outcome To have planned my own alternative Bubbles story

www.readwritethink.org) l Explore and respond – which do you prefer and why? l Learn a simile list poem by heart l Use picture stimulus to explore similes l Begin to collect items for writer’s hints l Expand vocabulary by generating synonyms for colours and size

(e.g. ‘emerald’ instead of ‘green’; ‘tiny’ instead of ‘small’) and for movement (e.g. floating, gliding)

l Continually read simile poems to develop ‘ear’ for them, and to add items to writer’s hints

this) l Play word and language games to develop ideas around relevant

similes l Plan poem l Orally rehearse ideas l Refine and/or develop them

similes l Independent write of poems l Publish poems l Practise performing poems l Share and perform poems (use photo montage or Bubbles film

as visual background) l Evaluate them

Phase 1 outcome To know what good themed poems are and to be able to retell/perform one

Phase 2 outcome To have planned my own bubbles poem

FINAL OUTCOME To write, publish and perform simile list Bubbles poems

PHASE 1 l Hook – watch Bubbles and read postcard from girl 1 asking

girl 2 about whether the bubbles cheered her up l Discussion about how the class could respond l Read selection of postcards l Discuss various purposes/audiences l Build list of writer’s hints for postcards l Use engaging stimuli to practise writing short, concise messages

(bear purpose and audience in mind)

found the bubbles: What do you think happened to her? Where did she go? What did she see?