Young people all over the world are at the vanguard of the precarity produced by neoliberal developments in the global economy. A key modality of everyday struggle in young people’s lives takes place in the ever more complex trajectory from school to work, where anxiety, insecurity and uncertainty permeate the affective atmosphere of the fields in which they are immersed. This chapter looks at how the young people from the DIY scene discussed in Chapter 6 strategise methods to get by and make do in these conditions, while trying to maintain space for their creative activities. We begin with a discussion of the nexus between class, creativity and labour, in terms of both the labour market and new theories of labour. The rise of the so-called ‘creative’ in the culture industries is outlined as a way of thinking about what many of the young people in the DIY scene are actively struggling to avoid. We then move to an analysis of modalities of everyday struggle. Specifically: How do these young people negotiate economic pressures in terms of rent and food? How do they approach career pressures in terms of the call to ‘grow up’, get a ‘real’ job, and become ‘responsible’? How do they struggle with their own needs to maintain space in their lives – temporal, mental and physical – to pursue and invest in their artistic endeavours?