The book has so far presented an argument that the ways in which people make themselves white, discursively, in contemporary England rely on four frames that are deployed to shape and order understandings of social change. These are ‘unfairness’; ‘political correctness gone mad’; ‘repressed Englishness’ and ‘impossible integration’. Unfairness sets up a view in which resources are systematically redistributed away from white people to racialised minorities, and this redistribution does not compensate any actual injustice. The ‘equality’ agenda is merely a means for carrying out this subterfuge. PCGM complements the unfairness frame with a cultural topping of ideas derived from elite understandings that are used to shut down discussion of unfairness and justify it. People are shifting away from over-loaded multicultural Britishness toward a more exclusive and nostalgic English identity. Integration, a device used to express anxiety about dangerous difference, sits at the heart of discussions of belonging to the nation, and enables immigrants to be divided into good and bad integrators.