I DRAWING XX THE new-born sun appears in mid-field, as in Drawing VI., but with this difference: there the introverting task was commanded; here it is fulfilled.

The· ancestral house is not only larger in scale, it is also one storey higher. The house of the ancestors is a classic symbol for the inherited or traditional basis of values. It represents the phylogenetic psychic background, the pervasive ancestral influence which manifests itself in every individual valuation, word and deed. Yet, although a whole new storey has been added to this structure, it has no door. This singular omission, though not intended, is not accidental. It means that the individual myth has not yet been assimilated by the whole personality. In the analytical process one submits oneself to an intensive evolutionary activity,whereby an attitude gradually forms which anticipates, and even insists upon, the fullest experience of life. The work of integrating the new attitude and the new insight into the urgent texture of individual life with its problems, often deeply rooted in past mistakes, is the post-analytical task; and this is, of course, the real test of the efficacy of the analysis. The fact that the patient was literally not permitted to make the door into his ancestral house shows the truly realistic character of the autonomous psyche. It would have been tantamount to a false statement, for when the patient made this drawing he had not yet distinguished the potentiality of the myth from the actuality of achievement.