Gautama Buddha was born into the second tier of Indian society, his family being rulers. He thought that he had to wrestle with these problems, on pain of never enjoying any peace. Finally, not knowing what else to do, Gautama resolved to sit under a pipai tree he found attractive and not leave until he had accomplished his mission. He found self nowhere, as the fire whose fuel has been exhausted. Buddhist Spirituality is serene, detached; wise Gautama was fully comfortable in his role as teacher of the Dharma, founder of the Order, and model of the blessed life. He explained that there is no constancy in nature, or in human affairs. There is no bank in which one can secure one's emotional investments, safeguard them against loss or pain. Gautama had clarified the nature and realms of reality, in light of his transformation into a Buddha; he located the gods and demons in heavenly and hellish realms.