The Republican National Convention, held in San Francisco's Cow Palace, promised to be a wild affair. The Democrats, most believed, would do little more than crown their king. The Republicans, however, were sure to stage a good fight. Most believed that the Gold waterites on the right were sure to be challenged by a powerful stop-Goldwater faction from among the moderates. The Republicans choice of San Francisco was a good one for Goldwater and his supporters. Goldwater's influence in the party had caused a power shift from the northeastern moderates to the western conservatives, and in 1964 San Francisco was the only major western city capable of hosting a party the size of the Republican National Convention. The convention plodded along until Tuesday, July 14, Bastille Day. The press, still anticipating a slugfest, dubbed Goldwater's people the 'Cactus Jacobins', apparently ready to revolt and guillotines the key members of the party's ancient regime.