Professor R. B. Perry once defined value as object of interest. Mental feeling is inseparably involved in this aspect of the apprehension of the meaning of the words. The first, and the essential, aim of philosophical language is efficiency in conveying, not feeling of ideas, but ideas themselves. All aesthetic expression is consummated and transformed in the new creation of embodiment. Aesthetic perception does imply detachment, but correctly distanced detachment does not imply aesthetic perception. Pure music may start with musical ideas and with experiment in musical material. However that be, once work of art is made, its meaning and its embodiment, its content or matter, and its form, are of a single piece, one spirit and one body. Art may express unconscious wishes, and some-perhaps all-art is symbolic in one or more of the several psychoanalytic senses. Formalism claims that the essence of artistic excellence is to be found in form in the sense of structure or configuration.