This chapter provides the remarks to the amount of open and recognisable tuberculosis in schools, as well as those relating to its prevention. The new machinery for the medical inspection of scholars will be an invaluable means to this end, especially in districts in which notification of cases of phthisis to the medical officer of health is in successful operation. The chapter shows how much tuberculosis there is among children of school-age. Children seldom expectorate; and a child with a troublesome cough would not be kept long in school. The course to be adopted in regard to such children is a part of the problem of general public health administration. Latent tuberculosis has important bearings on school hygiene. The inculcation of good habits as to coughing, expectoration, and scrupulous domestic cleanliness, and of knowledge as to the relative value of foods and the dangers of alcoholic drinks, will go far towards making the school a valuable aid in preventing tuberculosis.