In considering the possibilities of infection in various industries, the general considerations already emphasised must be borne in mind. The chief available and approximately accurate statistics of phthisis in relation to industrial occupations are those supplied in the Decennial Supplements to the reports of the Registrar-General of Births and Deaths. The excess of phthisis in industrial over agricultural districts will be noted, and the still greater excess in London. It is also noteworthy that the decline of phthisis among occupied males is about equal in industrial and agricultural districts. It will be noted that general labourers showed a marked increase, while hawkers and messengers showed little or no decrease, of phthisis. The obvious indications for prevention are the diminution or removal of dust, the substitution of wet cleansing for sweeping, the use of fans to divert dust from the workshop. The operation of the Workshops and Factories Acts is gradually improving the condition of workshops and factories.