This chapter discusses An Enemy of the People was at a workshop several months before rehearsals started, in the winter of 2011. Thomas Ostermeier had already decided that Stefan Stern should play Thomas Stockmann. Ein Volksfeind was author's first time working with Thomas Ostermeier. Having worked at many theatres and with many directors over the past twenty-five years, author found it very interesting to see how Ostermeier creates an effect through precision and through close work on the most minute details of a character. For an author, the crucial thing as an actor is to get the right note at the right time and the right place. That's what a director must be able to give, and Ostermeier indeed finds the right words not always, but certainly often enough to produce a really good show. Ingo Hülsmann is a German actor and director who have received numerous national and international awards for his work.