In Chapter 1, we have argued that entrepreneurship is the significance and importance individual pursuit acquires from its mediation with the socio-cultural contexts in which the pursuit takes place. The study of entrepreneurship therefore involves three terms: individual pursuit, the socio-cultural contexts, and the mediation between the two. It follows from this that the study of Fong’s entrepreneurial process has to examine Fong as an individual, the socio-cultural contexts in which his entrepreneurship takes place and the mediation between the two. This chapter therefore examines the socio-cultural contexts that are most relevant to Fong’s entrepreneurial pursuit. We will outline several causal chains of phenomena of different registers or levels, such as certain aspects of the politics, economy, and society of post-war Hong Kong, the intersection of which, as we shall demonstrate in the chapters that follow, shapes Fong’s entrepreneurial process, in particular, and the development of his company, FBL, in general.