Bei is located near the city of Shaoxing in the northeast of the Zhejiang Province in southeastern China. It used to belong to Bridge County and was rezoned to a suburban district of the city, Lake District, in 2003, which was subsumed into an expanding urban district in 2013. 1 Even before the locality was subsumed into the great urban areas, the countryside had been highly industrialized. As one of the early industrialized villages in the area, Bei Village is 7 kilometers from the county seat and 11 kilometers from the city center, and villagers paid visits to urban centers quite frequently for shopping, entertainment, and business. The village had 456 households and 1,128 people in 2006 2 with nine villagers’ groups (or teams), and among them, eight teams were mainly made up of indigenous villagers and one team was relocated from another village whose land was expropriated for dam construction. Ninety-nine percent of the villagers belong to the Han ethnic group, and the two biggest kinship groups has around 200 people each, but they are loosely organized under the same surnames.