Archetypes are imagining images, dreaming dreams. When their connection to oneness is weakened and loosened, they collide with one another and common dreams and disordered fancies result. When instead they draw to oneness, they generate intellectually inspired and life-enhancing visions. All the archetypes then converge to Oneness so that shapes and colours are foreshortened, and their true, relative dimensions appear. Converging archetypes are like petals spreading out of the bud and heart of a rose. The most typical visionary scene is that of the animated, breathing rose or, in the East, a lotus. He who knows metaphysical experience is above all names and shapes, even beyond visions; but around this supreme void, as a prelude to it or in its aftermath, the mind is visited by visions which through colour and form convey the peace and harmony of metaphysical experience.