This chapter presents an interview with Abhijit Mazumdar, a son of Charu Mazumdar. The interview was conducted by Ranjit Bhushan in March 2007 at New Delhi. Abhijit Mazumdar is every inch his father's son. He discusses his father's legacy, Charu Mazumdar's controversial death and subsequent cover-ups, how things have changed politically in the last four decades and what the future holds for the radical Left movement in India. As secretary of the Darjeeling unit of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) CPI (ML), Abhijit Mazumdar has not gone upscale in the party hierarchy. He works as any other district secretary of the party's West Bengal unit, roughing it out with the common workers, seeking no particular recognitions. Charu Mazumdar comes out as a father more intent on baptizing his children politically and initiating them into music and other fine arts.