Beginning medical students would take heart by already being addressed as 'Hakim', doctor, and any regular could borrow money in hard times from the owner, Farid Faisal, with the question of reimbursement left unmentioned over the years. A Christian Lebanese colleague of Zahlan's, resentful of his commitment to the Palestinian cause, once raised the question as to whether Zahlan as a physicist should not know better than others the destruction that would occur if Israel was forced to use nuclear weapons. In the trauma of 1967, Said writes, 'Palestinianism' was born among refugees such as himself who had previously accepted their lot 'in silence'. Charles Malik is one of Lebanon's most distinguished figures, and even his enemies, of which there are many, would admit he was an important voice of the Arabs over the Palestine question at the United Nations and elsewhere, and, in the 1940s at least, one of the most influential teachers at AUB.