This book is designed as a ‘do-it-yourself’ therapy book for anyone wishing to begin the journey of recovery from sexual addiction. After all, any recovery from addictive behaviours cannot be done by anyone else. Even with a team of the best therapists in the world, you are the only person who can change yourself. When I see addicts, I make the point that you have to want recovery and be willing to put in the time, energy and thought that is required to make the change. All that I can do is to provide support, insight and answers to questions; well, maybe a little more, because having someone who is working with you and rooting for you helps to increase motivation. But this book is designed for people who are not able to access recovery-oriented therapy or who simply cannot afford the money required to join expensive treatment programmes or go into therapy for a year or two. Regard me as your therapist and this book as going to therapy. The book contains all the same interventions for sexually addictive behaviour that can be found in our group programme at the Marylebone Centre for Psychological Therapies or in individual therapy. It is divided into the same sequence of subjects that we use in our treatment programme. The only difference is that you will have to read it and do the exercises in your private time. At the end of this chapter, I will outline some suggestions that might be helpful to break the isolation and provide you with support and accountability. Addiction is a disease of disconnectedness, and connectedness is crucial to change and transformation.