O ur discussion of the Jewish situation in three W estern democracies showed certain comm on patterns. In all three countries, the establishm ent right has becom e increasingly philosemitic and pro-Israel; in the two countries where a socialist party is the party of the m ainstream left, anti-Zionism has becom e a staple of the extrem e left. In each country, the Jews as a whole have risen to upper middle-class status and are disproportionately influential because of their greatly d isproportionate num bers at the elite level. To the degree that the culture and m edia of each reflect the values of capitalism and W estern dem ocracy, Jews and Israel are largely perceived as ‘good’, terrorists and Palestinians as ‘bad ’. In all three the extrem e neo-Fascist right which continues to prom ulgate racist anti-semitism is unim portant and unconnected with the philosemitic, pro-capitalist establishm ent right.