People with the Noble type psychology code are relatively familiar with the purchase of prestige products. The psychological code of the Noble type in their consumption of prestige products is elegant life and style, dignity in life. This chapter discusses the eight different kinds of mind that appear when engaged in prestige-product consumption, the eight consumer-group types are: Self-sufficient type, Fantasy type, Noble type, Show-off type, Daily-life type, Unconditional type, Self-realization type, Avatar type. The Self-sufficient, the Noble, the Daily-life and the Self-realization types all focus on the present and emphasize themselves. Koreans, prestige-product consumption is one of the necessary and sufficient conditions that compose the way of life they consider to be right. Korean society's current prestige-product consumption reveals the mind that wants to say, "Look at the outside since there is no inside". It means when the two minds are revealed, they become one.