Essex was not the only member of the English nobility to be described as smartly attired at his execution. Ann Boleyn reportedly wore a short mantle furred with ermine and according to the Chronicle of Queen Jane, omas Wyatt dressed in a gown, points, a doublet and a waistcoat for his execution.2 And when the Duke of Northumberland climbed the sca old in 1553,

rst he put o his gowne of crane colored damaske, and then he leaned apon the raile towarde the east, and said to the people, allmost in every poynt as he had said in the chapell, saving that when he came to the confession of his belife, he saide, ‘I trust, my lorde the bishope here will beare me witness hereof ’. At the last part he put of his jerkyn and doblet, and then saide his prayers; a er which tyme the hangman reched to him a kerchef, which he dyd knit himself about his eyes, and then layd him downe, and so was behedded.3