Consumer assets including durables and non-durables averaged slightly above ₹5,000 for the participant households and slightly above ₹10,000 for the non-participant category. The participants hardly had any business or financial means, while non-participants recorded more than ₹6,000 such assets. Compared to consumer and business assets, ornaments recorded a quite high value of above ₹10,000 for participants and more than double value of that for the non-participants. All the households surveyed had poor means of transportation as their average value was almost negligible. In the aggregate, the value of assets owned by participants was ₹2.2 lakh against more than the double amount of ₹4 lakh owned by the non-participants. The aforementioned statistics indicate far better financial position of the non-participants compared to participant households. Comparing the selected states, the assets value was highest in Kerala, followed by Maharashtra,

Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat among both participants and non-participants.