Severn’s premature termination by Ferenczi was a result of his growing ­physical weakness due to the onslaught of pernicious anemia. During his last year of 1933, Ferenczi first went to Vienna in late August of 1932, to meet with Freud and present his “Confusion of  Tongues” paper for Freud’s approval. It can be said that this meeting evoked an emotional, intellectual, and interpersonal trauma for Ferenczi (Rachman, 1997a, b), but we need to note that Freud also emotionally suffered from their meeting. First, we need to explicate the emotional trauma Ferenczi experienced with Freud during this Vienna meeting of August 29, 1932. It was customary for the members of Freud’s inner circle, The Society of Rings, to share their ideas with Freud before presentation or publication. This would be accomplished by sending a Rundbriefe, a circulating letter between Freud, Ferenczi, Abraham, Etingon, Sachs, Jones, and Rank (Grosskurth, 1991). Ferenczi knew that his Confusion of  Tongues paper (Ferenczi, 1980h) was controversial. However, he wanted to present it, in person, to Freud. He hoped against hope that Freud would accept his new work on trauma analysis. The Confusion of  Tongues paradigm was not intended, as Freud and the analytic community thought, to replace the Oedipal theory, but to stand alongside of it, to help psychoanalysis study evolve toward the treatment of trauma disorders (Ferenczi, 1988).