In the line I do hate him as I do hell-apines (Oth. I, 1, 155 F) it was easy enough to restore the proper arrangement of letters, viz. hell-pains, just as lavicious (Tit. II, 3, 110 Q) was an obvious misprint for la(s)civious. Similar trans­ positions of letters are strave for starve (Rom. Ill, 5, 194 F1), benig for being (ibid. IV, 1, 28 Fj), chappels for chapless (ibid. IV, 1, 83 Ff), fegined for feigned (Tim. I, 1, 229 F), unpaulsive for unplausive (Troil. Ill, 3, 43 Q), surge for sugar (Hml. Ill, 1, 48 F), gald for glad (H8 III, 1, 142), Gualtree for Gaultree (F), Blumer for Bulmer (ibid. I, 2, 199).