Angloys. There are several other misreadings of the same sort in the French of this scene.

Hml. II, 2, 517 has / allies for fellies. H a rd is the guess of their true strength (Lr. V, 1, 52). Read, with F, Here. Per. II, 1, 104 has Pantapolis for Pentapolis. B. Those of your fa c t are so (Wint. Ill, 2, 86). Farmer suggests sect. Outside Shakespeare: alienize for eternize (Lyly I, 459); demand for demene

(Gorboduc I, 2, 315). C. Young Charbon the puritan (AlPsI, 3, 55). Is not Cheerbane, i. e. kill-joy,

the genuine reading? But fly you must; uncurable discomfit | Reigns in the hearts of all our

present p a rts (H6BV, 2, 87). Evidently a misfit, not to mention the rhyme hearts: parts. Read, peres, i. e. peers.