The last of the four American Jewish character stereotypes found in this book’s study is second only to the “neurotic nebbish” in its frequency within post-2000 U.S. film. The “scheming scumbag” stereotype has, historically, featured racialized characterizations of American Jewish males as conniving, excessively stubborn, cheating, win-at-all-costs competitive, overly hard-bargain-driving, garish, and unmannerly. With the relative economic success and upward class mobility of American Jews vis-à-vis other racial minorities (Burstein), it is not surprising to see that the racialized cinematic stereotype of American Jewish financial obsession continues to persist, with dozens of such portrayals emerging in 21st-century U.S. movies. However, it is also important to note that, like the American Jewish cinematic stereotypes discussed in previous chapters, the scope of the “scheming scumbag” onscreen racialization has expanded as well.