In order for a transnational, cosmopolitan justice and a world community to emerge and live in joy, we believe that several things must change. First, we are in desperate need of a planetary consciousness that values all our relations. This means that the hour is here when we must reject the ontology of alienation to adopt a more peaceful and just way of living. This does not mean that we all must live the same way or that we must all be the same-in the previous chapter, we heard from a diverse array of native beliefs that have many ways of living, varied governmental traditions, varied economic systems, and different religious traditions. But all Indigenous societies have an answer to institutions, or social rules, that inscribe a respect for life on Earth. This does not mean that all tribal people are virtuous-that would be racist as well as inaccurate because tribal people are people like everyone else-but what it does mean is that Indigenous people answer to a sense of order that industrians have abandoned. A sense of order based on respect for all life on planet Earth is an essential first step in identifying a world community.