Thus far, we have considered brief evolutionary, rational, historical, and contemporary examples of social control targeting Black males in the United States. But what few have discussed or even seemed to acknowledge in a public or scholarly fashion is the current use of psychotropic/behavioral stimulants. Such drugs, administered to school-age children, can best be described as oppressive tools that have become a critical mode of control toward males, but specifi cally young males. With a closer examination of the true essence of the issue and a subsequent comparison of the numbers in a racial context, considering the total Black population in the United States, it can be shown that Black males are targeted for medication disproportionately in comparison to their White male counterparts. Since psychotropic drugs were fi rst used in the country, the White racial frame has prospered through the administration of these medications simply to keep males of color in check. The main purpose for advocating these drugs for use by Black male youths is to help maintain the thriving structure of White supremacy.