The moves by the United States to restore its dominance in energy have important implications for the oil companies. The oil companies began to acquire an ever larger share of the ownership and control of the economies of the advanced developed countries. The expansion of the oil companies started in the late 1950s and early 1960s with the acquisiton of coal and uranium reserves. Standard in 1977 joined Amoco Mineral, a subsidiary of Standard Oil in forming a joint venture, Pacific Nickel Indonesia, to explore for and exploit nickel resources in Indonesia. Exxon's acquisitions however have not been nearly as important as those of ARCO, the other oil company in which the Rockefeller-Chase Manhattan Group is the largest single shareholder. Rockefeller's oil wealth was also used to acquire control over a considerable portion of the US economy, as the partial listing of the financial links of the Rockefeller-Chase Manhattan Group.