Economic warfare is directed against the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) countries, the non-OPEC oil-producing nations and the rest of the industrialised world. This struggle, whatever its outcome, will be a long and costly one to all sides. Countries that need oil revenues for their economic development, like Algeria, Iran, and Venezuela, do not have an unlimited capacity to cut their production. The most immediate prospects for alternative energy sources lie in the non-OPEC oil countries Great Britain, Canada, Norway and Mexico. The reaction of both Canada and Mexico to such a policy has been less than enthusiastic. Though Canada had in effect adopted a continental' policy under the NOP, it scuttled it during the 19734 oil crisis. In 1973 Prime Minister Trudeau formally scrapped the NOP by extending the pipeline from Edmonton to Montreal. The policy of strength through misery' has a purpose to the one of effectuating an immediate drop in the demand for energy.