As the communication source, you have learned about your audience and its needs. The aim of your communication effort is to influence and persuade the recipients of the health and safety message in order to change their behavior. To do that, you have to strategize what you want the audience to know, feel and do. Now it’s time for you to prepare the approach-in other words, channel your message (see Figure 5.1). An approach is a delivery medium or vehicle for conveying a message; it may be a poster, brochure, newsletter, website, workshop or other initiative. Preparing the approach is called the production whereas implementing the approach is known as channeling. This chapter introduces common approaches in successful health and safety communications. Whether it is a brochure, a poster series, public service announcements, a workshop, a radio interview or other approach, you will learn about the basics of preparing and implementing these approaches. The second part of Health and Safety Communication: A Practical Guide Forward devotes chapters to producing and channeling specific approaches.