Shakespeare blends tragicomedy, romance, and magic with commedia dell’arte in The Tempest. Richard Whalen affirmed, “a few Shakespeare scholars have noted traces of commedia dell’arte in several plays, notably The Tempest” (2011: 71). Shakespeare brings magic to bear through domestic and Italian political issues in his redemptive tragicomedy. Prospero first appears as Miranda’s father. This father-daughter relationship intersects with the domestic comedy of commedia in The Tempest. The conjured shipwreck remedies the loss of Prospero’s dukedom. Prince Ferdinand’s isolation from the shipwrecked parties acquaints him with Miranda. As the clowns and courtiers jockey for power, Prospero orchestrates events to settle the score with his rivals. Prospero bestowed the grace of mercy and forgiveness on wrongdoers. Romance overcomes political gamesmanship.