This chapter shows Michael Hoey's important study of 1991, Patterns of Lexis in Text, and what follows is deeply indebted to his work. In detecting clause relations of either the matching or the logical variety, Hoey follows Winter in noting that at least three types of vocabulary play an important role by providing lexical signalling of the relevant relation. The three types of vocabulary are Subordinators, Conjuncts, and Lexical signals. Narratives and narration is not quite the same thing as conversation, and even the most engaged reader does not interact with and co-construct the narrative discourse in the way conversationalists may. The underlying principle affecting non-adjacent or transposed answers concerns the heightened difficulty of recognizing such text as an answer, a clarificatory response to another segment of text. The structure and sequencing of The Vanishing is only one example of a general openness as to what may count as a coherent, co-operative sequel in fictional narration.