This chapter explores what is needed to turn the apparent link between experiences and sustainability into a healthy, blossoming relationship. It presents four distinct levels of ambition businesses and professionals staging experiences could commit to with respect to incorporating sustainability principles in the way they operate: (1) addressing the environmental impact, (2) accounting for people, planet and profit, (3) creating economic value through creating societal value, and (4) going all out and (contribute to) creating viable alternatives to our current socio-economic system. For each of these ambition levels, this chapter discusses what would be involved and illustrates this with examples from events, tourism and hospitality. Subsequently, how to attract, lure, entice, convince or seduce consumers to actually (buy and) consume these (more) sustainable experiences is explored in detail through referring to what psychology tells us, but also through tapping into the evolutionary bases for human behaviour. This chapter concludes with the observation that staging and managing sustainable experiences is certainly {I}not{I} a mission impossible but does require addressing in the design of the experiences to be staged.