This chapter provides an important turning point within the overall storyline presented in this book. It addresses a key challenge that all businesses and professionals, also those staging experiences, need to address: sustainable development. This is done through first exploring the details of the concept of sustainable development. Subsequently, the relevance of sustainable development for the events, tourism and hospitality industries is highlighted and illustrated. Finally, this chapter explains how the two key developments addressed in this book – the rise of the experience economy and the increasingly urgent need to instigate a societal transformation towards sustainable development – jointly have already changed and continue to change industries such as events, tourism and hospitality but also other industries. It shows how these two developments could be argued to contribute to the blurring of boundaries between industries and an increased fluidity of the business world. It also sets the stage for discussing the consequences of these developments with respect to the business models and technologies to be applied by businesses and professionals aiming to remain or be relevant and successful in today’s and tomorrow’s societies.