In the long and rainy summer of 1930, the International Fur Trade Exhibition (Internationale Pelzfach Ausstellung; IPA hereafter). The IPA was one of the last international trade exhibitions of its kind to be held in Saxony and it specifically aimed to promote the Leipzig fur industry both at home and abroad. It appealed to the broader masses as well as international businessmen and experts. Almost 800,000 visitors headed to the fur exhibition, paying for a 1 RM ticket that allowed them to visit the “educational trade exhibition” and its related festivities. The exhibition was truly international as well: more than 11 exhibit stands of various countries were to be found in the exhibition halls, including ones from fur centres like the United States, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union. Important multinationals like the Hudson’s Bay Company had stands at the exhibition. On the sidelines, the International Fur Congress was held, which aimed to set up a federation to regulate the conduct of international business. The IPA was arguably the largest national and international promotion campaign the Leipzig industry ever held.