Fusion includes numerous options for making your compositing project easier to undertake. This includes interface customization and workflow shortcuts. In addition, Fusion provides a powerful set of tools to create and read scripts that can help automate tools, parameters, and other common compositing steps. In a similar fashion, modifiers, expressions, and linking can reduce the need to manually keyframe. As a bonus, Fusion Studio includes a full set of tools for working with stereoscopic projects and provides a render manager. After all, rendering is a final but critical step for any project. Last, Fusion’s domain tools allow for additional processing efficiency. This chapter includes the following critical information:

Rendering with the Saver tool and Render Manager

Customizing bins and toolbars

Building groups and macros

Applying modifiers, linking, and writing expression

An overview of scripting in Fusion

An overview of Fusion’s stereoscopic support

Working with domains