When an organization decides to hire the best from the international labour market, it must recognize that it is embarking on an investment. Every financial investment requires planning, doing a feasibility study, a cost-benefit analysis, a risk analysis and a comparison of various options. Managers usually take systematic steps to gather information and relevant data to negotiate contracts for the purchase of equipment, services or technology. Hiring talent deserves a much more painstaking, systematic and prudent approach. Organizations should, therefore, take adequate time to source the best people in the market, especially if they are looking for global executives. Successful hiring requires thinking of what success would look like if a top talent is hired or what the consequences of a catastrophic hiring would be. A wrong hiring is essentially a mismatch; it is the employment of an individual who does not fit into the job or the organization because he or she does not either have the skills, competencies and motivation required for the job or holds personal values and beliefs that are at variance with the corporate culture. A mismatch significantly reduces the chances of success of the individual and implicitly enhances the probability of early exit.