Life is evolving – that is true for mankind, the business community and nature. There is a past, a present and a future. But what are the developments, and what are the causes of change? I can imagine that this occupied Darwin when (as a geologist) he started examining the evolution of the Earth and also studied environmental developments. The turbulent changes following the Industrial Revolution a hundred years earlier also inspired him to place developments in a time context. Could there be a natural evolution in the environment as there is in the economy? Are developments not derived from each other and related to each other? This was a challenge for Darwin, but this challenge still exists today for policy makers, entrepreneurs, physicists and, for example, economists. As is examined in this book, the changes arising from the use of the Internet lead to adaptations in customer buying behaviour, which in turn must lead directly to changes in marketing, organizations and retail. Are there analogue developments and learning experiences? The past is, after all, also the basis for the future.