This introduction presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters of this book. Heterosexual dating is represented in popular culture as a time of the bringing together of a man and a woman 'as one', yet simultaneously the differences between the sexes are highlighted. Throughout the press articles Julian Blanc is quoted as encouraging men to behave in controlling and misogynistic behaviours and as someone espousing sexist and racist beliefs. Studies show that men's commitment to a hegemonic masculinity ideal is struck through with doubt and conflict, which is not surprising in a structure which is based around individuals reaching standards. It is unfortunate that most online articles considered pickup artists (PUA) student's claims of insecurity around women, which unlike the men's rights activists (MRA) remained both autobiographical and unpoliticised, to be a means of spinning a misogynistic desire to subjugate women further by using women's own language of victimhood.