A world of grandeur has little appreciation for the little guy, someone who is not a celebrity and would not be recognized in a gathering of men. In a crowd he is indistinguishable from the ordinary, nothing to show and stand for. Spends his life in mundane matters. But the world revolves around these little guys. Standing together in their solidarity they display a splendid scene. This show of display could only be applauded by those with a keen sight and not by those with the untrained eye. If one gives a form to the ‘difference’ between Islamic and conventional finance, one would find an underappreciated little guy. A banal individual focusing on the world of the mundane. But as the real world, that has to be reminded to celebrate the triumph of the little, so too attention has to be brought to the significance of these small differences that distinguish Islamic finance. They provide it the much needed quality of religiosity. In ‘Islamic finance’, the word ‘Islamic’ precedes ‘finance’. The grandeur of the ideology that promises salvation and justice stands on the shoulders of the many little differences.