Individuals use their bodies to perform images of identity and to suture subject positions that are produced within discourses. Power is entangled not only in matter and the construction of discourses but also in different constructions of identity. They can thereby be considered as effects of these discourses. Moreover, women and men acting from certain images of identity become representations that strengthen or challenge different discourses. The importance of holding the 'right' memories in order to gain political power became obvious when discussing the identity construction of those who returned to Cambodia after having migrated. Memories are significantly entangled in relations of power and resistance. This entanglement is highly influenced by the increased connectivity described by the notion of globalisation, a respatialisation of social life. One strategy of resistance against the prevailing discourses of violent masculinities was to alternate between, and hybridise, representations with a more universal character and those with a more particular character.