Although it has just been shown that society lies within nature, having, so to speak, found its way into it via a long process of cultural and material appropriation, it can hardly be denied that nature is within society as well – since we are an animal species. This naturalness cannot be avoided, all the more since it is one of environmentalism’s central tenets, if not the green claim par excellence: humanity belongs to nature and that entails moral duties towards it. In fact, the opposition between constructivism and realism can be seen as just another expression of the more general antagonism between mankind and nature, that is, of a philosophical dualism that separates the latter and thus plays a key role in shaping socionatural relations. In this light, such separation is untenable, since there are no scientific grounds to claim that mankind is different from the rest of nature – on the contrary, it comes from it, is a part of it, and depends on it. Thinking and acting otherwise would then be but a harmful delusion.