This chapter discusses that the history of Rodnoverie. Western contemporary Paganism and Rodnoverie draws heavily on German, Herderian romanticism. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Western alternative spirituality and consequently Western New Age were heavily influenced by the Russian culture. To a large degree, the contemporary Russian New Age builds on Western imports of these ideas. Also, contemporary Paganism in geographical areas that belonged to the USSR has been influenced by Western esotericism and alternative spirituality. The Pagan religion was an act that unavoidably placed people outside the canon of a Soviet citizen. The USCSNF is one of the most visible nationalistically oriented organizations within Rodnoverie and it only accepts Slavic communities as members. Despite its political success, the KOB has not received the unanimous support of the Rodnoverie community or even of Rodnoverie ultra-nationalists. Stroke of Russian Gods has been publicly criticized by the majority of Rodnoverie leaders.