Older workplaces are an increasing phenomenon where those of an older age group are staying on at work in an era of extended working lives, when changing demographics and ageing societies are seen. And where, due to the pension gap across many countries, some workers have little choice but to continue working anyway and may display some dissatisfaction or lack of motivation.

Dwindling numbers of young people entering the labour market are leading policymakers, researchers and organisations to consider how they might best support ageing workplaces in order to close a rising skills gap.

Yet, employers, organisations, governments and policymakers have been tardy, even reluctant to address the challenge of making use of older people, valuing them and the implications of keeping increasing numbers of older workers engaged in the workplace.

This chapter explores the response so far to the demographic challenge, responding to the challenge of retention and employability of older workforces. Sociological and philosophical theoretical concepts around flourishing in the workplace are explored and the business case for older workers in an ageing future is presented.