As we turn from the South to the East, generally, and from Africa to India, specifically, the whole tone changes, along the way towards Integral Polity, from nature and community to culture and, more emphatically, spirituality. Ironically today, as China and India, in particular, lead the contemporary “Eastern” economic charge, such an archetypally Eastern, spiritual emphasis, is lost. Yet, to the extent that we ground ourselves in the work of the great 20th-century Indian sage, Sri Aurobindo (1), we find such definitive “Eastern” origination:

• there is the ineffable Divine; • this Divine has a Purpose for man; • the purpose is progressive, All Round development; • the State is an agent for the Facilitation of such development; • this facilitation cannot be forced, but Individuals and Groups will take Society and the

state to the next stage of its Development; • society participates in this Integral adventure.