I have dedicated a complete section of this book to reviewing innovation achieved through the redesign of working methods – what I refer to as ‘Smarter Working’. Smarter Working is effectively process innovation, but due to the nature of professional services can also result in the innovation of client-facing services. Smarter Working is the result of applying analysis and improvement techniques to the design and organisation of work as a complete system. The viewpoint for such improvement is typically by individual services (covering both client-facing service and internal administrative services). There are two key techniques which can be applied to achieve this:

• Business process re-engineering. • Lean

I will cover both these techniques in the next few chapters. The reason I have dedicated a complete section of the book to Smarter Working is because in my experience this is a key aspect of professional service innovation. The potential improvement available from this approach is significant, as many professional service firms have historically had little focus on their design of work as a system. As a result, there is opportunity for major cost reduction whilst improving the service experience and value received by clients by creating new and enhanced services.