Gillette razors, Fairy washing-up liquid and Pringles crisps has long embraced Open Innovation in its

business model. ‘We continually strengthen our innovation capability and pipeline by investing two times

more, on average, than our major competitors. In addition, we multiply our internal innovation capability

with a global network of innovation partners outside P&G. More than half of all product innovation

coming from P&G today includes at least one major component from an external partner.’ In 2001 P&G

started a strategy to boost open innovation they called ‘Connect and Develop’. At that point, less than

10 per cent of their new initiatives involved external partners. They set a goal to increase this to more

than 50 per cent and achieved this in 2008. Connect & Develop is now a core element of the firm’s

innovation strategy (Source: P&G Website: https://www.pg.com/en_UK/company/core-strengths.shtml,

accessed 6 October 2014).