The ideal co-ordinator to run a corporate learning centre can have a certificate in information technology, a good personality with customer relations skills and an interest in education, training and development. Administration includes maintaining a course catalogue and operating a booking procedure for courses during the day. A good learning management system to facilitate this process is needed. Course evaluation should be carried out on an ongoing basis. The co-ordinator may be responsible for purchasing and evaluating courseware and e-learning programmes. The co-ordinator should ensure that the centre is tidy and that computer keyboards and screens, headphones and discs are clean. An ongoing aspect of the co-ordinator's role is that of tutor, coach, counsellor, facilitator, and training needs advisor. The learner's preferred learning style should be a consideration. In an ideal situation, mentor support would be a feature of open learning. Mentoring is particularly necessary for younger employees or for new employees in the company.